You still didn’t answer my question. Who wins this game on a neutral field?

So many woulda coulda shouldas. How’s this:

If the Saints hadn’t lost on a fluke play in last year’s playoffs, there wouldn’t be the same emotional reaction for the Bounty Gate team that committed the worst crime in football (outside of the Patriots.)

If Talib wasn’t hurt in November, the Rams beat the Saints and Eagles in the regular season and the game is played in Los Angeles.

If the Saints scored touchdowns when they had all the momentum, they would have been up 21–0 and nobody focuses on one bad call.

If the refs don’t miss the PI at the Saints 10, the Rams score to make it 13–7.

If the refs don’t miss the face mask on Goff at the 1, the Rams score to make it 28–20.

If Joyner just raises his hands, that terrible hanging throw by Brees gets intercepted, or at worst knocked down.

Not that it means anything, but Cowherd repeated everything I wrote last night. He also pointed out that the Saints had the worst offense of the last four teams, averaging only 4.5 yards per play, that Drew Brees was a completely different quarterback since the start of the Cowboys games (5 TDs, 7 ints, hardly any deep throws), and that the Saints only gained 50 yards on the ground (when they were playing with a lead the entire game).

Box score from the second quarter on:

Yards: Rams 370, Saints 165

First Downs: Rams 19, Saints 13

Time of Possession: Rams 27:52, Saints 20:25

Scores/Possessions: Rams 6 of 9, Saints 2 of 7

Points: Rams 23, Saints 10

Reading those stats in a vacuum, that’s is the exact opposite of “they weren’t all that good,” as you put it. I know I’m not going to change your feelings but I prefer to deal in numbers.

When a team takes the other team’s best shot and comes back to dominate the last 48:13 of a game, that is overwhelming evidence that they are the better team.

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