“You” would find unconstitutional? So, you’re a lawyer, but you don’t understand the separation of church and state.

Considering the 16th amendment was passed in 1913, what possible reason would you have to mention pre-FDR SCOTUS striking down every liberal law they laid eyes on? Shouldn’t you be looking at the political context of the time?

Between 1901 and 1909, the greatest modern Republican president in history, Teddy Roosevelt, got all kinds of progressive legislation put in place: anti-trust laws, environmental protection, and making sure food and drugs were safe.

And when you pull out the trusty old “Stalinist” descriptor, you reveal your true mind set.

John Roberts is extremely conservative as evidenced by his record. But since the right wing didn’t like a couple of his positions, they simply move the yard line marking conservative even further to the right and call him a liberal. I guess you’re right about Conservatism being devoid of ideology.. or consistency… or logic.

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